A Quiz:  Ask Yourself, where can Peace Come From?😇❤️😇

  • True or False:  The Bible records in Genesis 7:13 saying “Noah’s wife was Asian, Noah was White, Shem was Black, Japeth was Indian, and Ham was Latino, and they all entered into the ark to escape the flood.”
  • True or False:  The Bible records in Galatians 3:28 saying, “And Jesus came to promote each different race of men, whites, blacks, Jews, Gentiles, Latinos, Asians, and even the most over looks segments of society.”
  • True or False:  The Bible records in  Romans 13:1 saying that “we should pray to receive rulers who will uphold the civil rights of women and blacks equally as for other segments of society.”
  • True or False:  The Bible records in Jeremiah 25:9 saying, “God desires people’s and races to work together to uphold human rights so that each nation can dwell in peace and freedom with its neighbor regardless of color or creed.”


He was kind enough to smile at me, but what was he smiling for?  He had no home, no where to lay his head. When I gave him the clothes he smiled and just said thank you , thank you, thank you and put them in a plastic bag he had been carrying around.  When I gave him the money he smiled but it was not even enough to buy dinner at any restaurant close by. Was he being kind to me by accepting my dollar bills and old unwashed clothes with so many smiles? Maybe we were being kind to each other. Maybe he really needed a few dollars and the clothes, while I may have really needed the unwashed smiles. It is more blessed to give than to receive.